Who we are

Who we are

The Planning and Development Unit is a social enterprise specialized in the community development of the most vulnerable parts of the population. The company counts on the collaboration of experts in different sectors of international cooperation and development residing in different nations of Europe and Latin America, committed to guarantee a fair and equitable development for the most affected and vulnerable communities of Colombia.

Matteo Bellinzas  
MSc in Planning and Development at UCL London, he worked at CRENoS and Cagliari University from 2004 to 2011 as a hired researcher and project manager, and privately as a development expert. Experience in project management of R & D and innovation in transportation with Centralabs (2009-2011). Experience in teaching Planning and Development at international level. Experience in international research projects, as well as in regional and urban planning. Experience in monitoring and evaluation of projects and management of stakeholders, especially for cooperation and development actions. Experience in development actions in postconflict contexts in Africa and Latin America.  
Director of the activities of the UPD, he is in charge of the international networks and the elaboration and implementation of the projects.
Lisa Presciani
Bachelor in Statistics and Cooperation, Development and Human Rights at the University of Bologna (Italy). Specialized in Peace and Human Rights, experience with victims of conflict in Colombia and management of stakeholders with different Colombian communities. Coordinates the UPD projects where she is in charge of training activities and internships; Experience in project monitoring and evaluation, training activities and field work. Experience with actions involving displaced persons and marginalized people in conflict regions in Colombia.

Our aim is to provide help and support in the territories where our competences are decisive to solve problems in 4 specific topics:


The Planning and Development Unit supports cultural reintegration and land restitution for indigenous communities in Colombia. Our activities fit within a stakeholders’ involvement framework, and all development strategies are shared and decided with the communities. Enter


The Planning and Development Unit supports communities and institutions in their environmental reintegration and protection projects. Currently we extend our support to the entire Caribbean coast of Colombian . Enter


The Planning and Development Unit supports communities, foundations and non-governmental organizations in their projects for Peace and Human Rights. Our activities in Colombia include support for the Transitional Peace Process, the empowerment of armed conflict victims and support for disadvantaged communities. Enter


The Planning and Development Unit supports communities and institutions in their sustainable development projects, especially for the most disadvantaged and poor communities in Colombia. Our projects focus on tackling the extreme poverty and overcoming the conditions that prevent the proper development of the territory and communities. Enter