The UPD offers different types of training to foster the actors empowerment in matters of elaboration and management of projects, monitoring and evaluation, stakeholders’ management. The workshops are 2-day courses (10 hours), designed for professionals, teachers, public officials, who want to strengthen their capacities in specific topics in the contexts of territorial and community development.

The workshops in community planning and development aim to offer a coherent and logical understanding of the conditions necessary for the implementation of the projects, presenting the different typologies of analysis and data required, offering theoretical and methodological tools for teamwork, efficient decision making in different political contexts and good governance.

The seminars are academic interventions of up to 4 hours of informative nature about the opportunities in the international cooperation and the good practices in the sustainable development; during the implementation of projects, special seminars are organized together with international experts on different themes of sustainable development.

The workshops provide a first module of 5 hours of theoretical classes and a second module of 5 hours dedicated to the practical training.

Project design workshops are a fundamental module to understand the process necessary for the development of strategies and project writing. The workshops provide examples of strategic mediation among institutions and communities involved in development projects, taking into account the requirements of funding agencies.

General ObjctiveProvide theoretical, methodological and practical tools for the identification and analysis of projects that foster community development
Specific Objectives  Provide an overview of national and international cooperation and development
Provide the methodology and instruments to collect socio-economic and territorial data
Analyze the social context and evaluate strategies for a development project. Concepts, competencies and requirements behind the planned intervention

The Planning and Development Unit organizes workshops in the following topics:

Workshop on Community Development Analysis and StrategiesHours
Module 1 day 1Tools and Methodologies for Analysis of the Development Context5
Module 2 day 2Tools and methodologies for the identification of objectives and project strategies5

Workshop on drafting and project logicHours
Module 1 day 1The use of the Logical Framework in the project strategic design5
Module 2 day 2Analysis and project methodologies for the coherent development of projects5

The seminars are outreach and information activities for a maximum duration of 4 hours and are addressed to public and private institutions interested in international cooperation and sustainable development programs; the Planning and Development Unit offers different seminars, including:

– International cooperation activities of the European Union;

– International policies in cooperation and development;

– International cooperation programs between Colombian and European universities;

Special seminars on Sustainable Development, Environment, Indigenous Affairs and Peace and Human Rights are organized during the visits of international experts.