Third Level

Course on Project Elaboration for Community Planning and Development


The course in Project Elaboration for Community Planning and Development seeks to strengthen students’ skills in project writing, the use of appropriate language and how to translate project analysis and strategies to maximise the project proposal evaluation. The course is aimed at understanding the different tasks of the project design specialists, identify, elaborate and how to appropriately write the different parts of the project, ensuring the correct delivery of the project proposal to the different calls.

General Objective:

Provide theoretical, methodological and practical tools for writing a coherent development project in terms of policies, strategies, resources and sustainability.

Specific Objectives:

– Provide the methodology and capacities to understand the project sections and write them appropriately;

– Provide the methodology and tools to develop and evaluate a coherent project budget;

– Provide the tools and methodologies to manage the delivery of a project proposal to the financing institutions.


The first and second modules corresponding to the theoretical load will be taught during 40 hours in the classroom. All modules contain previous hours of preparation by the students, they must carry out the readings requested by the teachers. On the other hand the practical module will be divided in 4 journeys for the field works, this module will be completed in 20 hours. The practices will be followed by 6 classes of workshop in analysis and project preparation that will concretize the practical work, for the duration of 30 hours. For each module the participant must deliver the agreed deliverables to proceed with the qualifications by the Planning and Development Unit. A report is presented by teachers and students as the final product of this course.

After the course, the participants will:

– Understand how to properly write a project proposals, what data and analysis are needed for each part and evaluate the quality of the information received;

– Learn to identify the criticities and potentials of the project proposal, optimising the possibilities of  project approval;

– Understand how to prepare the project budget including all the eligibility characteristics of the costs provided by the financing entities.




No.NameNo. Hours
1Project writing: criticity and potential of the proposal   20
2Methodologies and Tools for the budget elaboration   20
3Field work practices (4 journeys) – level 3   20
4Analysis and Project Elaboration Lab – level 3   30
TOTAL   90