Enterprises and business

The Planning and Development Unit collaborates and helps companies in their social and environmental responsibility plans. Our activities include:

– the stakeholders involvement in the creation of shared strategies, so that the communities themselves can participate in identifying the social objectives that most benefit and at the same time collaborate for the success of the development actions;

– the analysis and collection of data necessary for project planning;

– the creation of national and international support networks to maximize the scope of CSR projects and promote the sustainability of actions;

– the preparation of project proposals to participate in national and international calls;

– creation and implementation of awareness-raising plans on CSR sensitive issues.

The Planning and Development Unit reserves the possibility of evaluating project ideas in all its aspects during a diagnostic visit with the proponents. At this stage, our experts will evaluate the project’s needs and its funding and implementation potential, including the availability of analysis and data for the correct preparation of the project proposal. The diagnostic visit includes:

– Evaluation on the logic and coherence of the project idea in relation to the territory and available resources;

– Evaluation on data and analysis availability  for the preparation of the project proposal;

– Evaluation on the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the action;

– Evaluation about the financing measures by topic of intervention.

The Planning and Development Unit is responsible for providing consulting, business evaluations and support for domestic and foreign companies that want to invest in Colombia. The analysys and activities of the UPD cover different tasks:

– Market assessment

– Information and contextual data

– Contacts with the public and private sector and support to the corporate and institutional network

– Organization and accompaniment when visiting Colombia

– Financial and environmental sustainability

– Corporate Social Responsibility Plans

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