To draft a complete and coherent project under high competition conditions often discourages organizations from applying to funding calls. Those who apply often end up spending a lot of time and resources writing unsuccessful project proposals because of lack of trained staff to translate the needs of the organization into projects that are attractive to funding institutions.


Community development planning and management courses will help participants to develop a technique for analysis and elaboration of the project proposal that maximizes the possibilities that organizations obtain the funds.

In addition to the theoretical classes, the courses provide project design practices, which are a fundamental to understand the planning processes for community development. Students will face the tasks of beneficiary involvement and analysis for project design in a real development project that is being proposed in the region.

In the program of the Unit of Planning and Development the training for the community development is made up of 4 levels:

Level 1 - Course in analysis and logic in community planning and development
Level 2 - Course in Community Planning and Development Strategies
Level 3 - Course in Project Elaboration for Community Planning and Development
Level 4 - Course on monitoring and evaluation of community development projects