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STOREM landscapes

STOREM landscapes Today UPD stops in Sardinia, more precisely in the province of Oristano, on the Sinis Peninsula. In the picture the Spanish tower of S. Giovanni, which overlooks the archaeological area of Tharros.


New challenges for the Colombian peace process

By Matteo Bellinzas, Santa Marta, 29 October 2017   After decades of armed conflict and the signing of peace agreements with the FARC, Colombia is in its crucial moment for future well-being. However, the normalization process is facing multiple problems that affect both the international community perception about this process and the application and real…

Desarrollo Sostenible: Programa de trabajo 2017

Objetivo general reducción de las desigualdades económicas y sociales dentro de un marco de sostenibilidad integral Objetivos específicos Analisis y caracterización del contexto socio-económico campesino en la SNSM Analisis y caracterización del contexto socio-económico en el territorio de la Cienaga Grande Programa de apoyo al desarrollo de la Cienaga Grande en colaboración con los actores…